Check out this awesome trailer for the upcoming new film about the NW spey casting revolution Skagit Master.

Awesome short video: Phantoms of the Rain Forest, as seen on Catch Magazine.


Alaska West Simms Video, Killer video

Andros South Simms Video, also killer!

This is an awesome 6o minutes whirlwind video on the Columbia and Snake River salmon crisis. Only 13 minutes. Fish Fuss Over Salmon

“Hustle and Fish” Trailer V1 awesome trailer for the epic movie from Rollcast Productions. Its a must see!

This video is awesome, Coal Creek, a tributary of the Kilchis, had been blocked for nearly 60 years. Check out this Oregonian article about how fast it has recovered:

and this one about the ’08 stream project award it recieved:

Awesome time-lapse of a very significant event in history

This is a very powerful video and the reason why NO ONE should eat farmed salmon!!! This is a huge problem facing other species as well including steelhead.

This is nice to watch! Clean clear water in a healthy spawning tributary.

Click on the link below for a sweet video courtesy of Wild Fish Studios:

Guides day off, Party Boy!

who could recent that kind of a party?

who could resist that kind of a party? photo:

Also check out these two fine videos courtesy of Jakob Lund’s Salmonfly Syndicate:


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  1. nice videos! hope to see more!

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