Summer Solstice in The Fish Mecca

Well, slowly the swelling has gone down in my stripping hand and I have mostly regained the use of my fingers. My hands are uncurling from the molded shape of my 9wt cork. I am no longer gripping my flask tightly in fear of it slipping from my weakened hands. The reel handle dings on my knuckles and deep line burns have scabbed over and are fading. This along with the relentless, blood-thirsty mosquitoes whose insatiable diet was replenished by copious amounts of Irish whiskey didn’t help the hands out any either.

My stomach is still killing me from the non-stop laughter from the Alaska West tundra madness. The fictional Fowler fishing adventures show, trout back-flips for Mr. Hanky and ridiculously awesome picnic table ninja kicks. The T-Bone hands and knees crawl behind the gazebo followed by a huge grin and blast-off fist pumping was pretty funny too.

These leftover pains are a constant reminder of the awesomeness that was last week. It was one of the best I have ever known.

These are the things that happen when you take a trip in an attempt to curb your sick cravings. Thing is, you cant ever get enough. No matter how many obese chrome volunteers grab hold of your swinging fly (or tea bag) you always need more. Just one more cast, one more tug, one more “BLAST OFF”, one more blistering run deep into the backing.

But more than the killer fishing and amazing scenery, this trip was about letting loose. Un-caging the inner-ball-of-energy that needs to come out every once in a while. That is exactly what happens when you journey with friends to the land of the midnight sun during the longest days of the year. Drinking, laughing and 1:30am gravel races back to the tent only to forcefully peel your eyelids back open at 6:30am and do it all over again. This is just part of the madness. It was a whole week without any responsibilities. The fish were really just a bonus, a bonus that was totally mind blowing.

I remembered to pull the camera out a few times. Here are a few of the moments documented.


~ by theriverwrites on June 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Summer Solstice in The Fish Mecca”

  1. badass.

  2. Great pics man. That looks amazing.

  3. thanks for the trip! i feel like i’ve been there…

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