The Big Decision We’ve All Been Waiting For

Everyone needs to come and stand up for what they believe

Everyone needs to come and stand up for what they believe

There hasnt been a major change in the states Forest Management Plan since 2001. There will be a major change made on June 3rd. This will be a BIG Board of Forestry meeting in Salem, the legislature and the governor are both putting pressure on them to make a major plan revision. Salmon Anchor Habitats are on the table. They can be permanently protected or permanently lost. From the sounds of it, the board is leaning towards a drastic increase in timber harvest.

We cannot let this happen, these rivers and their salmon and steelhead runs are far too valuable to gamble away for a short term gain of timber revenues.  The poor economy is not an excuse to cut more. Timber prices are at rock bottom and that is more of a reason to leave trees standing and stop wasting our public forests.

This will be a fun rally for the whole family with fly casting in the creek, BBQ lunch and music on the lawn out front of the meeting building.

If you can bring your boat too. With the parking lot full of boats we will deliver a clear message about the economic impact that sportfishing has on rural Oregon.

Please join us, I will be arranging carpools to Salem. Shoot me a note if you are interested.

We need you to come and speak your mind or just show up in support of clean rivers, see you there!!!

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~ by theriverwrites on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Big Decision We’ve All Been Waiting For”

  1. See you in Salem! We have a FB Cause going to build support and organize, please join and tell your friends.

  2. […] public rally – during a Board of Forestry meeting – to protect salmon and steelhead fish habitats, as well […]

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