Confidence is key

hungry little fella?

hungry little fella?

The older I get the more I appreciate nice flies. I like to fish with flies I have some pride in fishing, ones that I tie myself. I take my time creating them to ensure it is worthy of bringing me a fish. But the more time I spend out on the river, the less I believe that fish(other than trout, carp, permit and roosterfish) care what is tied to the end of the line.

People always want to know what they are biting on. After all that is the oldest question in the sport of fly fishing, right? While I do believe fly choice matters , what is much more important is confidence in your fly. Confidence is key when fishing for anything, an often over-looked aspect of success. Seriously! You could fish a cigarette butt on a hook, and as long as you are confident in it, it will eventually work. Confidence is way more important than the offering. But it is hard to have confidence in a cigarette butt now isn’t it. So having the right fly, that has proven success, then becomes an important aspect of your confidence levels.

Obviously you need to fish the right areas, and employ the right technique for success. Coming in close third place for me is confidence, not fly choice. Steelhead are aggressive animals and when in the right mood, they will taste, eat or attack, just about anything, so long as the offering is presented in the correct way. If this is the experience of others, it rules out the need for bait to effectively catch steelhead. They eat flies, and lures just as aggressively.

~ by theriverwrites on February 27, 2009.

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