a brief introduction



Because we fish, hunt or otherwise need to get out and get in touch with our primitive hunter-gatherer inner selves on a regular basis. We need it, love it and if you try and take it away from us you’d better watch your back.

Without that time out on the water to reset our sanity every now and then, the world, as we know it, could quite possibly end…………well, the world outside of beer and burritos, anyway. The water is our sanity. Because of that, we are the biggest advocates for healthy forests and cold, clean water and no, we don’t need to hug a tree to prove it.

With our days on the water becoming fewer and far less frequent than they ought to be, we take the days we do get seriously. You’d better not screw it up for us. Because every once in a while when we find a hall pass, we’d better be free to go to our spots we’ve been going to for years and find the fish we’ve been finding for years.

Although we may be solitary critters by nature, we are quick to pick up the phone as soon as we’re back in cell coverage and give the report to a small handful of our closest buds. We are also not ones to turn down a few tall, frosty brews at the local pub with our buds in celebration of a good day of fishing. We have a lot of friends, and those friends have friends and there is strength in the masses. We stand strong to protect that which we love and we know if we come together nothing can stop us.

To some, it may be something we go hours, days, weeks or, god forbid, months to feel. It may be that moment in which a force unseen intercepts a fly swimming across the current. For others, it may be the general feeling of connection through rod and line to a live, wild, throbbing, untamed force existing in a fluid world. For us, it’s all of that. It’s the relentless gravity, the obsession that makes us go to the river every hour of everyday, even if only for a moment, in our minds. It’s something bigger than anything we have or will ever know. Some have it worse than others. For those that aren’t familiar with it, we pity you. This blog is for those who are afflicted.

~ by theriverwrites on January 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “a brief introduction”

  1. coming along nicely, Jefe…

  2. Hey:

    Killer. I think you are onto exactly what it means to be a fisherman, let alone a fly fisherman, in our time.



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